Marc J. Feldstein (of Feldstein Insurance Services) Attacks African American Women for Being Republicans!

Marc J. Feldstein appears to be willing to engage in cyber stalking and harassment using Facebook messenger by sending racially laced hate messages to women of color simply due to their political party affiliations.

In a series of unsolicited messages using Facebook Messenger Mr. Feldstein went on a full racial, sexist and political attack against a young woman of color, using racist comments against Blacks and attacking her continued service to our country as a member of our armed forces as well as her political affiliation.





A message from mvgordie to Marc Feldstein;

African Americans are NOT the property of the Democratic Party or any other political party, person or corporation, you the Democrats lost that war a long time ago.

As a Jew you sir should be ashamed of yourself and your actions, Americans of all colors, religions socioeconomic backgrounds and political party affiliations sacrificed for YOUR faith and families freedoms, and you sir return such favor with racial bigotry.

Shame on you Marc J. Feldstein your are what is WRONG with society today.



3 thoughts on “Marc J. Feldstein (of Feldstein Insurance Services) Attacks African American Women for Being Republicans!

  1. Should keep the pics of his family out of this, especially the kids. Posts like this can make people do crazy things. Just my two cents.

    • That’s something he should think about on his Facebook page, Linkedin page and others before he goes and corners some young lady in a private chat. Remember, these are HIS chosen profile pictures, not pictures obtained from his albums on FB or any of his other sites.

      At what point will his actions turn crazy?

      Normally I wouldn’t change them as it was his choice of photos to share with his political satire and attacks, not mine, not to mention Republicans DON’T act like Democrats so all is well and safe (No ANTIFA here), but due to your concerns, changes have been made.

      Thank you,

      His Linkedin Account

      Marc J. Feldstein Google Images

      His Facebook Account

      • Those are my concerns as well. At one point does stalking via messenger because stalking at her home, campaign events. We just saw a Republican being attacked by some idiot with a switch blade at a campaign event. With the crazy ass Democrats out there calling for violence against republicans and Trump supporters one has to be very careful . I personally would contact the police and just make a report, that way it has been documented just for her safety.

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