Highland Fairview the Partnership of Iddo Benzeevi, Jules Trump and Eddie and What They Knew Prior to Their Selection of One of Their Prior Candidates

The Candidate, Mike Luis Rios, also known as Luis Miguel Rios. Highland Fairview’s hand selected candidate for of all places, the Moreno Valley Unified School District’s Board of Trustees.

Here is the information which this blog made public in July of 2009, an issue which brought some heat our way from not only Mr. Rios, but from Michael Geller (a friend and associate of Highland Fairview) as well as even Christopher Baca the brother of Councilwoman Victoria Baca (another Highland Fairview Candidate) and even Councilman Richard Stewart, who had sent me many of emails regarding my attacks on Mr. Rios, his past and his falsely claimed business as a fraud investigator.


Some of the excuses given by the Highland Fairview Assassination Crew, was that the above was simply a woman’s way of seeking a larger payoff in child support after a divorce, however that couldn’t have been farther from the truth, as there was no divorce filed at the time, in fact none was even sought until one year later and that following several threats towards the victims by Mr. Rios, even some threats involving the use of a firearm (sound familiar).


I came across this information after Mike Rios had informed me after a meeting he had with Iddo Benzeevi, Michael Geller and Jerry Stephens, during which he had agreed to work within the crew in return they were to provide him with a $5,000 per month stipend as well as support with is political campaigns, in return, Mr. Rios was to refrain from his attacks on Iddo Benzeevi, Highland Fairview and Michael Geller, as well as throw his support behind any and all projects or issues regarding Highland Fairview or of interest of Iddo Benzeevi, Michael Geller and Jerry Stephens, and that once elected, he would vote in favor of any and all issues of interest to the same.

Once hearing this I was pissed beyond belief, so I remembered a time when Mike Rios had complained about a sign which was erected in the area of the SR60 eastbound off-ramp  to Redlands Blvd., the sign said, “Mike Rios, Pay Your Child Support,” although I had been constantly looking into Rios (with no success I might add), I figured if he had a child support issue, there would be some form of recorded document with the Riverside County Recorders Office, and sure enough, there was and from there it all became quite clear about who and what Mr. Rios really was, as I was now on the trail of his true identity, Luis Miguel Rios.


This above issue was no secret, as the information and knowledge of it came from the Highland Fairview Assassination Crew itself, as the child support issue was used by no other than the Victoria Baca Brigade in 2008 against Rios, but now it was in my hands and I made it fully public in July of 2009, along with all of Mr. Rios’ past history in Los Angeles County and the Highland Fairview Crew was fully aware of these issues prior to supporting Rios for elected office, however it didn’t bother the partnership of Iddo Benzeevi, Jules Trump and Eddie Trump, or their friend and cohorts, Michael Geller, Jerry Stephens, Douglas Whitney, Marcelo Co, Victoria Baca, Christopher Baca or anyone else within their crew, as these things are exactly what they look for in friends and political candidates, as it shows that the person is weak, immoral, lacks any ethical thought and is willing to do anything for greed and a sense of power, that is how they choose all their candidates and associates and nothing has changed.

Page from Rios 460

Page from Rios 460

Highland Fairview and their partners Iddo Benzeevi, Jules Trump and Eddie Trump, along with their hand selected crew of unethical and immoral individuals have had their control over the City of Moreno Valley for way to long, however the situation cannot be settled in any criminal court, because most of what they have done isn’t totally illegal, unethical and wrong yes, but it can only be addressed at the ballot box, for it is there the citizens of Moreno Valley have the power for change, by removing their ability to control city government for their own person greed, after all what is wrong with them having to have their desires aired before planning commissions and city councils which are not handpicked by them, that are willing to approve anything they wish with total disregard to the voices of the people.

Send a clear message to Highland Fairview that business as usual will no longer be tolerated in Moreno Valley and that if they wish to use such unethical and immoral tactics, do so in Florida, not here.   Moreno Valley has many issues it needs to address, most of which came at the hands of these individuals and we need to get on with cleaning up our city’s reputation and doing so needs to start with saying no to Highland Fairview’s Crew, not tomorrow, but today, as tomorrow may be too late.

So when you see things like the political fliers below, which completely spell out that the candidate supported in the flier has already been predisposed in favor of Highland Fairview, its partners Iddo Benzeevi, the Trumps and their crew of social degenerates, you know full well the fix is in and whomever they support will not be listening to you, vote against them, for this is your city and my city, it does not belong to individuals who live in Florida or within the unincorporated section of Riverside County.


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One thought on “Highland Fairview the Partnership of Iddo Benzeevi, Jules Trump and Eddie and What They Knew Prior to Their Selection of One of Their Prior Candidates

  1. I don’t know if I think Jeff Giba is truly a stooge of Iddo Benzeevi. Giba has proven to be enough of an independent thinker on his own in the past. Of course this could always change, but Corey Jackson definitely has more special interest influence than he does by far. I’m not sure he would go as far as others have to take bribes and intentionally break the law inside City Hall at this point. He didn’t directly take Highland Fairview money which he could have easily done like Luke Fuller did, but he is still deeply associated with them anyway. It’s definitely true that he has a lot of connections to the Benzeevi and Jerry Stephens fan club, but also he has a balanced approach when it comes to the topic of distribution centers and their locations.

    Him overtaking Corey Jackson in District 2 with the results counting would be pathetic because it goes to show that voters do not do anything, but glance at what comes in their mail, signs, and listen robo calls. Whoever sends them the most seems to get the most votes. Lazyass voters in District 2 and 4. It would also mean Benzeevi won in 2/3 Districts because of his money… maybe. Giba may not be as large a stooge as Benzeevi and Stephens thinks he is.

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