The Vote That Never Happened

After reading the claims filed below against the City of Moreno Valley by three of its prior employees, it makes sense how an issue as great as public safety and policing the City of Moreno Valley could be greatly changed with the blink of an eye and without a vote of the City Council.

Moreno Valley City Manager Michelle Dawson

Moreno Valley City Manager Michelle Dawson

The document mvgordie provides you with here, is said to have been the work of Moreno Valley Mayor Tom Owings and the new Moreno Valley City Manager Michelle Dawson. The issue is that the City Council has never approved this important contract change in open session where the public itself would also have the right to speak on the matter.

As you have seen over the past few months, it takes an act by the City Council through a majority vote to change a city contract such as this one, and that process requires the issue to be agendized and scheduled for  a regular meeting of the City Council, with all the Brown Act requirements which go along with it, but that process has changed since January 2013, as now there is no true City Council at all, things are now done behind closed doors by and between as self-appointed strong Mayor/City council wrapped up onto one, and that would be Tom-Ass Owings himself.

This new approach to Moreno Valley governance couldn’t be any clearer than within the claims below, or by simply watching any meeting involving the new city council, where only member has the power as the other four simply stand by mute as worthless chair dressing.

The document provided here (Letter to Stan Sniff, Riverside County Sheriff dated 6, June 2013), in which the City requested change from the normal five year contract for services with the RSO for our police services, to a two year contract, such changes in contracts normally require a vote of the City Council, of which never took place.


It’s no hidden fact that Mayor Tom-Ass wants our police service 100% under his control, and with people like Tom DeSantis assisting in running things around here, we sure don’t need that, just look at Riverside where Mr. DeSantis came from and what you can do if you have the power to fire and hire your own police chief, the perks which can come with it are clear (guns, badges, cold license plates and yes freedom to break most of the laws without fear, and if you don’t think these individuals would use that to their advantage, you didn’t read the prior Moreno Valley employees claims below).

Moreno Valley Assistant City Manager Tom DeSantis

Moreno Valley Assistant City Manager Tom DeSantis

For a Downloadable Version of the Letter to Sheriff Stan Sniff in PDF Format, CLICK HERE.

6 thoughts on “The Vote That Never Happened

  1. The purpose of this post was based on what was reported to as a departure from the normal historic practice, of which such drastic changes in such contrast came from a consensus arrived to by the whole city council, and then the City Manager is then given direction to seek such changes.

    In this case this never took place and that is the question raised here.

    Is this the first step in privatizing or police services?

    Does a two year contract really save the City any money?

  2. Not sure what is being criticized with regard to what the letter actually says. The way I read it, based on the date written June 6, 2013, the current contract was going to expire in about three weeks on June 30, 2013. Assuming this means the end of the Sheriff service contract for the last 5-years, it would then appear that the City Manager is only asking the Sheriff’s Department to consider a non-standard 2-year contract. To my recollection no new contract for Sheriff services has been on any of the recent CC agendas. As best I could conclude, the City and the Sheriff’s Department do not have a current contract and that both parties may still be working out some kind of arrangement. Can’t follow any of the other assumption above because the letter only asked for consideration of a two year contract and goes on to provide some explanation about the fiscal challenge the City has with the increasing cost of Sheriff services compared to the City’s revenue stream. Have someone ask the City Manager Monday morning where the City is with regard to any contract with the Sheriff Department.

    • The question is who directed the City Manager to seek a two year contract, this issue has never been up for discussion by the city council, nor has she been authorized to do so by them. With the behind the scenes actions of this city administration, as well as Mayor Owings desire for the city to have its own police force coupled with his idea of a city charter, this action of seeking a short term contract fits the goals regardless of budgetary constraints.

      Maybe you misunderstand or I failed to properly word the post, that I am not saying there is a new exiting contract, but that the city is seeking a change in what is the normal contract duration for contract cities of five years, and I have not heard of any city council meeting (study session or otherwise) which called on the city manager to seek such a change.

      • Like following your blogs because for the most part they are informative. However, this time it seems there are big assumptions being made about what is going on. It is the CM’s job to negotiate contracts of all kinds for the City and them send them to the CC for approval. Maybe CM got a push from Owings to go for two years but two years also fits the latest budget cycle that was committed to by the CC. Don’t know how Owings might want to control our own police department, but I even told the CC that they can never get a handle on the cost of the Sheriff serves if public safety is not under their control. The City does not get a say on sheriff salary contracts which make up a hefty portion of the City budget. How else are you going to control a uncontrollable expenditure except, say, cut more officers. No! The community won’t stand for that. Hope you understand where I am coming from. This request from the CM should not be an issue. Why not ask her for clarification.

  3. Seems there is a new process to expedite things, which includes not following the law or rules and not allowing there to be public discourse or a public vote on matters like this. Not surprising as MoVal continues to descent into a city of lawlessness.

  4. Thank you so much for this post. The reason behind the concept of rushing to form a charter city is that the city council will literally have the power to remove any of its department heads with a single vote and without contest. It also means this can be used as a weapon of control over anyone who does not agree to the economic development policy of the city to encourage Highland Fairview as the top beneficiary. It can also be used by the department head, which in the future will no doubt be intended to selected at the recommendation of Iddo Benzeevi to do his bidding, encourage intimidation of the public through implementing fines, fees, or etc. to silence opposition to his development. It will also be difficult to detect cases of bribery and kickbacks such as this which could be used by individuals like Tom DeSantis to sell police property on the black market for a pretty penny which he has been alleged to have done in Riverside in the past.

    The city can also arrange the way funding trickles down to intentionally neglect certain areas of the city in case of a fire to have a longer response time and incur more damage, such as the neighborhoods near the World Logistics Center, and discourage the residents from living their long term. There would be a fire chief hypothetically who would help them do it. Benzeevi has already appointed city council members, planning commissioners, a city manager, an assistant city manager, a city economic development director, and a city engineer who will do his bidding, why will he not again try to get 100% control over the city department heads to do their bidding? He would because it would mean he could under a charter city essentially develop as much as he wanted, appoint leaders in city government to do what he wants, use as much tax payer money as appointed for construction improvements, campaign for elected officials who are pro-city agenda candidates with tax payer money, etc. It forms a seemingly endless tool for bribery, kickbacks, extortion, political firings, intimidation, etc. to which Iddo Benzeevi is at the helm as the puppet master.

    Given that the city council member are under a corruption probe now and the positions of city manager, attorney, and more have been replaced by individuals not under the control of Highland Fairview, I don’t think this is going to happen. I think law enforcement saw what was now going to be underway with this charter city and saw an urgency to step in an investigate corruption allegations in Moreno Valley before its too late. There are good people in city government even if they don’t live in Moreno Valley.

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