4 thoughts on “Jobs Solutions (Slide Show By Aja Smith)

  1. Despite the complementary title of land developer that the news media gives to the likes of Iddo Benzeevi and Highland Fairview, this term fits his role more much accurately: http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/speculator.

    This idea is completely true. Iddo Benzeevi isn’t really interested in create jobs and tax revenue for Moreno Valley, he owns several hundred acres in the eastern end he purchased quite cheaply in the late 1980s during the peak of a major real estate boom and hoped it would last long enough he could sell it all to major housing and logistics development and retire handsomely as if demand was abundant as sunshine and would take care of itself. None of his companies built anything. This same process repeated itself in the real estate boom of the 2000s. Again his companies built nothing. Skechers USA was looking to downsize its five warehouses near Ontario International Airport to one large building that was more energy efficient to save themselves money and more automated with its massive assembly system to reduce the need for manual labor and human workers. They wanted an even cheaper piece of land than could be found in expensive and now mostly developed Mira Loma area and decided to head further east, they thought of San Bernardino Internatonal Airport first but were convinced by Highland Fairview to come to Moreno Valley instead because Iddo was willing to give them a massively cheap price on acreage and used everything he could to unload some of the land he had been stuck with for over 20 years for some development so it wouldn’t have been such a total waste. He poured hundreds of thousands of dollars into the campaigns of city council and planning commission officials to get a yes vote for its approval despite it being too large for the area zoning, not enough water infrastructure to supply the project, Highland Fairview’s inability to finance the project itself, etc. Benzeevi is not a land developer but a real estate speculator who believed once this warehouse came in it would open a retail center on Redlands Boulevard to the west and encourage more warehouses to come to the area. The 2,500-3,500 jobs speculated by him for this project didn’t happen and instead employees from the Ontario buildings simply transferred to this new building and a net job loss of 400 employees was recorded. Benzeevi is also in the hole for $50 million in liens his company cannot pay off.

    Iddo Benzeevi was and is only interested in literally finding the biggest buildings he can possibly find the fastest to develop on his land and to sell it. He has a get rich quick mentality and has for the past thirty years and about a dozen projects he has speculated for the eastern area in this time have never been built. Skechers would have found anyone in the Inland Empire near a major roadway for its distribution center. It chose Highland Fairview’s property because there was no competing traffic in the area from other major entities nor warehouses and Benzeevi’s prices were super cheap when the exclusive deal was made between these parties in 2007, long before it was approved for construction about three years later. Based on the same type of outrageous claims made for the World Logistics Center, there should be no concerns over this project either.

    Why should the city council of Moreno Valley be recalled? Because it’s basing all of its hopes for economic recovery and future policy on the highly hypothetical project of one single company owned by the area’s most active land speculator to solve all of its financial woes. It’s time for people of Moreno Valley to get a brain and let someone into office who will really develop sound development policy and instead of waiting for their reelection from the inland version of Gene Hackman’s Lex Luthor from the 1978 Superman movie.

  2. Aja – absolutely fantastic!!! Well said, and there ain’t no pretense in this slide show, it’s the real deal!!! Every day more and more people get what this council is all about, and they and their agenda is not for the common good! Keep up the great work Aja and Gordie 🙂

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