A Comment Worthy of Its Own Posting. By Aja Smith, a Proponent of a Recall

My issue is why is it, that the City uses one demographic, to justify jobs?

Why use the minority population and degrade them to only work warehouse minimum wage jobs?

That is racist!

What about those who want white collar jobs, who want more pay, more wages so they can spend money in the local community and not live pay check to paycheck, How is better pay racist, how is clean air racist, and how is low crime rate racist?

To brain wash people to think they are only worth blue collar is degrading and racist. They remind me of that Ole slave master mentality. They might was well, replace the Rancho Belago signs with Jim Crow signs.

They also said, they wanted to bring the education grades up, for what, so minority kids work in a warehouse?

They will not have any aspirations to stay in Moreno Valley once they graduate, if they even do. They are brain washing a generation to have no aspirations, and no incentives. I hope that everyone packs that council every Tuesday, all them hold up signs etc..

We Naysayers, Racist, Tree Hugger, and so called Neo-Nazi’s are not racist; we want a better community, just as our founding father Brown envisioned.

Those Neanderthals have nothing to hold against anyone, but use and pull the race card. When politicians like Owning and Baca feel a threat, they will use the race card; they are supposed to be educated people and all they can do is use the race card that is ignorance.

Facts are facts and they’ve been proven.

So they all feel that warehouse work is the only good work for minorities that is racist.

What about uplifting people; giving people the opportunity to live the American dream.

It seems that this city has become more divided than the country. The citizens, who have the facts and questions their government; who in turn claims racism, because they can’t dispute those facts. So, when their crap stinks they pull the race card.

“When the people fear the government, there is tyranny. When the government fears the people, there is liberty”

5 thoughts on “A Comment Worthy of Its Own Posting. By Aja Smith, a Proponent of a Recall

  1. The recall effort may have a chance to get an election started but will have a much lower attendance rate than most normal elections, especially like in 2012 when it involved electing President of the United States. Iddo Benzeevi will spend much more money once again and achieve victory in this election to some extent. The elected officials will keep their seats and boast about their victory for a short time to come. The FBI will haul the guilty parties away not too much longer after that. Benzeevi can’t stop a new free election from taking place when these stooges are forcefully recalled and face indictment. Only then will Moreno Valley really begin to heal.

  2. Baca and Owings two peas in a pod are in it for them ! Baca is taking credit for Aldi, when in truth it was the old City Council who voted on that project. Oh, and raising the grades, well I guess Baca is going to get credit for that too, when in truth it was Dr. White ( you peel the potatoes and I’m going to eat them ) .

    Aja your point is very well taken ! You are correct.

  3. Well put. The youth in Moreno Valley are already cynical enough about life here given the high unemployment rate of the local economy, the high rates of crime, so much blight, tons of empty store fronts and abandoned construction sites, the city being so geographically isolated from places with opportunity and fun things to do, and being so absent of any community pride or culture. Once students go home for the day the only place worth hanging out is Starbucks or at home, there is no where else of much merit for them to socialize at. Few graduates of Moreno Valley high schools go off to a four year university or to college in general as it. Those who do hardly come back to work in their home town with the exception of some teachers and nurses because there is a lack of private industry in the city. The only work most youth can already find, even college students here, comes in the form of warehouses. With the bumbling city council’s sole focus on development of expanding the logistics industry here will only increase this image and create fewer jobs than promised. To them Moreno Valley is a horrible place to live and they can’t wait to leave it behind when they can. If anything in the city is going to improve this image will have to go now.

    By the way, you are also right about the Rancho Belago signs, Iddo Benzeevi’s perception was clearly he thought development west of Kitching Street to be lowdown and ghetto, and to attract new home developers, businesses, and future residents to the area he wanted the entire eastern half of the city remodeled under a new name to distinguish itself from the western end and to have an identity all of its own free from the rundown images of the Moreno Valley name. One side of town was going to be better than the other in his mind. It’s a good thing he never build a single house in all of Moreno Valley.

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