The City of Moreno Valley Now Has a Vacancy To Fill.


With the resignation of Moreno Valley City Councilman Marcelo Co who represented the City’s district number 4, the City is faced with an important decision to make, and that is how to fill that vacant position.

   The City can simply appoint a new Council representative selected by the city council of which the four remaining council member’s themselves are facing recall attempts and are subjects in an investigation into possible political corruption, as such it would be wrong in the eyes of many for this council to take the action of appointment of a new council member to represent the fourth council district.

   We can also look at the recent actions which played out in the City of Moreno Valley regarding the Moreno Valley Unified School District and their appointment of a successor to fill the vacancy left after the early 2013 conviction of Board Trustee Mike Rios for pimping, pandering and yes fraud.

   This vacancy which was filled through the process of many interviews of interested parties, and an eventual vote of the Board of Trustee’s was later challenged through a form of a recall, by circulating a petition to unseat the newly appointed trustee which had been selected by the majority of the Moreno Valley Unified School District’s Board of Trustee’s. The action taken was started by and supported by several members of the Moreno Valley City Council, such as Mayor Tom Owings, and Council Members Marcelo Co, Jesse Molina and Victoria Baca.

   These individuals sought to void the appointment of Mr. Baugh from the board as they felt such a decision should have been done through the democratic process of an election by the registered voters of the Moreno Valley School District.

   The same should hold true here in this case as well, through a special election of the registered voters who reside in the Moreno Valley City Council District number 4, as per those mentioned above, it is the right thing to do and the fair thing to do. If these three remaining council members felt so strongly about how a replacement was selected to fill the vacancy left in the wake of the conviction of Mike Rios, that same sentiment should hold true here as well.

   There should be no talk of the cost involved in any such special election in seeking Marcelo Co’s replacement and the financial situation of the City, as these same individuals didn’t take that into consideration when they took their actions against the decision of appointment over an election by the school district.

In their own words, it’s the democratic way.

From The Press Enterprise:

   “Petition proponents are Baca, Louise Palomarez, Thomas Andrew Owings, Delbert R. Wilson and Elena Santa Cruz. Owings is Moreno Valley’s mayor. Wilson, better known as Raul, is married to Moreno Valley City Councilwoman and former school board member Victoria Baca. Christopher Baca is her brother.”

“At least some of the petition proponents are leaders of the Mexican Political Association.”

   “They said when the board decided to fill the seat by appointment instead of special election, and again when the board appointed Baugh on a 4-0 vote, that they planned a petition drive to remove whoever was appointed so people could vote on Rios’ replacement.”

  “Petition proponent Christopher Baca said Thursday, June 6, that the appointment disenfranchised 74,000 voters who couldn’t choose their new school trustee.”

“You can’t put a price on democracy,” Baca said.

  “The night I was chosen and sworn in, Raul Wilson said ‘Don’t get used to it. We’re going to recall you,’” Baugh said. “It didn’t matter who was picked.”

   “The five proponents of the election are listed as Baca, Louise Palomarez, Thomas Andrew Owings, Delbert R. Wilson and Elena Santa Cruz. They could not be reached immediately for comment.”

  “Owings is Moreno Valley’s mayor. Wilson, better known as Raul, is married to Moreno Valley City Councilwoman and former school board member Victoria Baca, who could not be reached Thursday afternoon. Christopher Baca said he is her brother.”

   I think from the above the case is clear, this vacancy should be filled by the registered voters of city council district 4, and NOT the city council, “as you can’t put a price on democracy.”

   Such actions in seeking an election over an appointment were supported by the United Democrats of Moreno Valley, who themselves may face legal battles in the future, Elena Santa Cruz an individual with her own lengthy criminal record, of course as mentioned above, Louise Palomarez a well-known racist and current head of the Mexican Political Association which was founded by Councilwoman Victoria Baca and Delbert (Raul) Wilson who themselves have criminal records, he for armed robbery.


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10 thoughts on “The City of Moreno Valley Now Has a Vacancy To Fill.

  1. For any of you who are inclined to decoratively adjust the illegal signage proliferating the public rights of way, and you know who you are you little rascals, which of course I am in no way advocating, I have a suggestion;

    In the white area add, 1 down, 4 to go, then remove the “Don’t”. Just a suggestion if you are going to spend all that time and effort anyway. Might as well make constructive use of them seeing as the gutless city code enforcement officials will never remove them lest they might be expelled.

  2. Good article. It would be hypocritical for Victoria and Paul to champion an appointment after what they did against me. But then again, what is new for those two and their friends? I won’t be bullied so I am running for a simple one year term. Attached are my qualifications in case you are interested.

    Gary Baugh

  3. Wake up ! What is wrong with you guys ? Victoria Baca doesn’t give a SHIT about Democracy as long as it favors her and her brother Chris, Cris, Christopher, Cristobal Baca. Chris ( the paranoid cajada ) has always been jealous of Victoria, and he has always wanted to be in politics just like her. Chris Baca has told Marcelo Co that he would be going after his seat, if he went against Victoria Baca. Marcelo has on numerous occasions said that in 2014, Chris told him ” I’m going after your seat. ” So, it’s up to us to say to Chris FUCK YOU and to prevent him from running, especially with his history of criminal record and being a sell out like his sister ( la otra cajada ).

    • LMAO….I agree….it will be more exposure going on!! But this is a really good post and letting everyone be aware of what is about to happen. there will be address changes/district jumping going on. I would not doubt if they did put Chris who lives in District three. I would rather vote for Mike Rios if that is the case, at least we all know about him already.

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