JulieAnn Stewart-Cleaveland Our Own Propaganda Machine

Germany Had the Nazi J Joseph Goebbels, Japan Had Tokyo Rose, Vietnam Had Hanoi Jane and Moreno Valley Has JulieAnn Stewart-Cleveland and Our Town We Love Moreno Valley Four of Histories Famous Propagandist.

Highland Fairview the Partnership of Iddo Benzeevi, Jules Trump and Eddie and What They Knew Prior to Their Selection of One of Their Prior Candidates

The Candidate, Mike Luis Rios, also known as Luis Miguel Rios. Highland Fairview’s hand selected candidate for of all places, the Moreno Valley Unified School District’s Board of Trustees. Here is the information which this blog made public in July of 2009, an issue which brought some heat our way from not only Mr. Rios, […]

Highland Fairview’s Iddo Benzeevi, Moreno Valley’s True Political Parasite

They say you can judge a man by the company he keeps, well in this case, that doesn’t say much for Iddo Benzeevi and his Highland Fairview Partners, brothers Jules and Edmond (Eddie) Trump. So once again let us take a look at those whom Highland Fairview and its members have associated with and or […]

Highland Fairview and Their Record on Selecting City Council Candidates for the City of Moreno Valley

Highland Fairview and its CEO Iddo Benzeevi have interjected themselves into the City of Moreno Valley’s political selection process starting in 2008; the reasons for their doing so are simply financially based on their own desires, needs and greed’s. This process continues to this very day and our currently upcoming November 4th, general election, in […]

mvgordie.com Sets the Record Straight on the False Claims Made by and on Behalf of, Two Moreno Valley District Two City Council Candidates (Jeffrey Giba and Debra Craig), in Regards to Highland Fairview and Iddo Benzeevi’s “Independent Expenditures.”

Recently mailers have been circulating around the City of Moreno Valley in support of City Council Candidates Jeffrey Giba, Yxstian Gutierrez and against the recall of Councilwoman Victoria Baca, paid for by Highland Fairview through one or more of their various Political Action Committees, such as, Residents for Safe Neighborhoods, Great Schools & Jobs Creations. […]

Moreno Valley Mayor, Jesse Molina Pulls Public Safety Grant Money Off of Next City Council Agenda, Says Wait Until After the November Election!

Moreno Valley Mayor acting on his own, singlehandedly requested the City Manager Michelle Dawson to remove from the next regularly scheduled meeting agenda for the Moreno Valley City Council, the authorization for the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department to complete a grant application and acceptance if granted, California Office of Traffic Safety (OTS) Selective Traffic Enforcement […]