Moreno Valley Political Talk On-Line Radio Show to Hold City Council Candidate Interviews

The on-line radio show Moreno Valley Political Talk, hosted by Deanna Reeder and Mike McCoy, will begin conducting on-line interviews of Moreno Valley City Council Candidates from all Council Districts with elections planned for November 4th, 2014 (districts 2, 4 and the recall election for district 5). These on-line interviews will begin on September 2nd, […]

For Those in Moreno Valley Who Have Been Told, Has Forged, Altered or Created the Email from Moreno Valley District Two City Council Candidate Debra Craig, to Tom Owings.

HERE IS PROOF OF ITS AUTHENTICITY: It can be found at page 1,223 of this 5,971 page collection of documents subpoenaed by the United States Attorney in regards to the Corruption Investigation into the City of Moreno Valley. I have provided you here a copy of said collection of documents which are within the documents […]

Moreno Valley’s Ex-City Councilman Marcelo Co, on District 2 Council Candidate and Current Planning Commissioner Jeffrey Giba.

Defendant (Marcelo Co) told CHS-2 (FBI Confidential Informant) that “as a member of the City council, he had already appointed his people to the planning commission and once he (Marcelo Co) got his candidates elected to the city council, he could pass any project he wanted.” (Source, Attachment “B” of Marcelo Co’s Plea Agreement. Section […]

Moreno Valley’s City Council District 2 Council Candidate Debra Craig and Her Love of Tom Owings (among other things)

  Below is a copy of an email which was sent to then Moreno Valley Mayor Tom Owings, in which district two council candidate and how she loved his “in-your-face-style,” as well as his referencing the Press Enterprise as the “Depressed” Enterprise. Ms. Craig even took a turn at the Riverside County Sheriff’s Office as […]

Moreno Valley City Council District Two Candidate Corey Alexander Jackson, the 501 (c) 3 (Professional Panhandler) Candidate (part one).

The only thing it would seem Corey Jackson has to show for his qualifications as a Moreno Valley District Two Council Candidate would be his work in operating numerous charitable organizations, so that would be a good start for looking into, and seeing how they would qualify him for governing upon the Moreno Valley City […]

Below are the Moreno Valley District 2 City Council Candidate Statements

NOTE: These statements are the raw versions as submitted by each candidate and show any and all redactions which may have been required prior to approval by the Moreno Valley City Clerk (the local elections official).    This is not the way they will appear in the Registrar of Voters Voter Guide which you will receive […]

When it Comes to Standing up for the Citizens of Moreno Valley, Only One District Two Candidate has a Long Record of Doing So.

Of the nine Moreno Valley City Council District 2 Candidates, which one supported turning the eastern end of Moreno Valley into a virtual warehouse mecca? Of the nine Moreno Valley City Council District 2 Candidates, which one supported the citizens of Moreno Valley who were opposed to turning the eastern end of Moreno Valley into a […]