Moreno Valley Mayor, Jesse Molina Pulls Public Safety Grant Money Off of Next City Council Agenda, Says Wait Until After the November Election!

Moreno Valley Mayor acting on his own, singlehandedly requested the City Manager Michelle Dawson to remove from the next regularly scheduled meeting agenda for the Moreno Valley City Council, the authorization for the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department to complete a grant application and acceptance if granted, California Office of Traffic Safety (OTS) Selective Traffic Enforcement […]

Now See The Video of District 2 City Council Candidate Debra Craig on Why She was Late to the Hispanic Chambers Candidate Forum

There is more to see in these videos about Candidate Debra Craig, however I chose not to air it yet, however it is very shocking to say the least, as it tends to show a woman who may be suffering from of medical issue, be that physical or mental.   These issues were brought to my […]

Moreno Valley District Two Candidate Debra Craig Late for Hispanic Chambers Candidate Forum (Why you might ask?)

District 2 City Council Candidate Debra Craig and longtime friend and supporter of Iddo Benzeevi showed up late for the September 19 th  Candidate Forum, held by the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, the reason she gave was quite telling.   It seems she was delayed due to a meeting she had with Iddo Benzeevi of Highland […]

Moreno Valley District Three Councilman George Price Holds Community Meeting or Does He?

On Saturday September 20th, 2014, Moreno Valley Councilman George Price held a meeting to hear from his constituents, however that meeting which was held at the Vanguard Art Gallery, seemed to have been hijacked by developer Iddo Benzeevi. In looking over the photos available on-line, it was quite apparent a fix was in on this […]

Moreno Valley Council District 2 Candidate Corey Alexander Jackson, Financially Unfit and Unskilled for Moreno Valley

You have seen here a few issues regarding Moreno Valley’s District 2 Candidate Corey Jackson, from his prior failures in operating charitable business to his large and outrageous campaign war chest to how he is bilking the taxpayers and businesses of Moreno Valley to earn an income, now we will look at another side of […]

Tell the City Council Not to Approve Prologis Industrial Park! (, Community Service Announcement)

The above material was provided to for public viewing and dissemination, by Moreno Valley Residents Against Warehouse Expansion and may be downloaded for printing and circulation by using the link below. To Download the Prologis Flyer, CLICK HERE. **This has been a free community service announcement offered by