New Moreno Valley Website: Moreno Valley Informer (UPDATED URL)

Welcome to Moreno Valley Informer. This website is dedicated to take you behind the scenes of the political arena in the City of Moreno Valley, CA. Our mission is to provide you with reporting based on careful research and documentation. CLICK HERE TO VISIT PAGE (additional link is provide here within the right hand column […]

Why the World Logistics Center is Not a Real Development

What you will see in this video, are things you will not hear at a Highland Fairview, World Logistics Center presentation. NOTE: The above video is provided to you as a courtesy by has no affiliation with this video’s production and is just sharing here as a community service.

Moreno Valley Councilwoman LaDonna Jempson, Would Iddo Benzeevi Lie to Me?

Would Iddo Benzeevi lie to Councilwoman LaDonna Jempson, well why not he would and has lied to not only the Moreno Valley Planning Commission and City Council, but to the nearly 200,000 residents of the City of Moreno Valley. Let’s look at his track record of lies shall we. Lie No. One: Skechers is a […]


Well, it looks like our proud City Council has finally succeeded in staging all the right pawns and budgets in exactly the right position to guarantee jobs and economic growth in Moreno Valley – through rising crime. As anyone can see, the Job Market (for career criminals, entry level burglars, and other crime candidates seeking […]

Did Moreno Valley Councilman/Mayor Pro Tem Yxstian Gutierrez, Deceive the City Staff and Its Citizens with Irrelevant Case Law in support of His City Council Power Grab over the City Manager in Employment Issues?

During the City Council meeting of February 24th, 2015, Councilman and Mayor Pro Tem, Yxstian Gutierrez cited a legal case titled August Marabuto vs. The Town of Emeryville as his legal argument in favor of city councils authority to govern over the hiring, firing, promotion, demotion and the creation of new positions within a General […]

The True Ownership of 420.77 Acres of Land Within the Proposed World Logistics Center Specific Plan Area, is in Question

The true Ownership of 420.77 Acres of Land Within the Proposed World Logistics Center Specific Plan Area, is In Question, Due to Lack of Payment of Promissory Note between Beneficiary (Sunnymead Poultry Ranch) and Highland Fairview (Sunnymead Properties). To develop commercial developments of the size of 41,600,000 square feet, it will require a minimum acreage […]

The Real Reasons Behind the World Logistics Specific Plan and Why it is Unfair to Property Owners

The reals reasons for the World Logistics Specific Plan is that it offers the means by which Highland Fairview and its partners, Iddo Benzeevi, Jules Trump and Eddie Trump, can strong-arm its will, over the property rights of others by using the City of Moreno Valley once again as its personal tool towards its own […]