Email of Moreno Valley City Councilman Richard Stewart, Regarding his Endorsement of Jeffery Giba. It’s all About the Bennies (Benzeevi that is)

From: Richard Stewart To: Marcia Amino Sent: Sun, Oct 19, 2014 10:57 am Subject: Re: For Your Information Good morning, I decided to endorse after some things happened I didn’t like.  For one too many people are making Iddo Benzeevi some kind of “litmus’ test.  Like the man or not, his company is the single […] Sets the Record Straight on the False Claims Made by and on Behalf of, Two Moreno Valley District Two City Council Candidates (Jeffery Giba and Debra Craig), in Regards to Highland Fairview and Iddo Benzeevi’s “Independent Expenditures.”

Recently mailers have been circulating around the City of Moreno Valley in support of City Council Candidates Jeffery Giba, Yxstian Gutierrez and against the recall of Councilwoman Victoria Baca, paid for by Highland Fairview through one or more of their various Political Action Committees, such as, Residents for Safe Neighborhoods, Great Schools & Jobs Creations. […]

While he talks about fiscal responsibility and in opposition to the needed funding of our public schools, Candidate Jeffery Giba is Picking the Pockets of the Moreno Valley Taxpayers!

For nearly two years, Jeffery Giba a Planning Commissioner who was appointed during the term of a now convicted felon, ex-Moreno Valley City Councilman Marcelo Co, the same planning commission which Co stated to undercover FBI agents, had all his people in place so as to approve any project that Marcelo Co supported, and now […]

Additional Information on the Campaign Finance Accounting Record of Moreno Valley City Council District 2 Candidate Corey Alexander Jackson

There is this funny thing about Microsoft Excel Documents and that is the information in which they contain, such as, Date of Creation, Date last Modified as well as Date Last Printed, so it is here we can see who drafted (created the actual document in question) as well as how it was obtained and […]

Moreno Valley Mayor Jesse Molina Uses His Official Title and Appointed Office to Seek Campaign Funds to Support Councilwoman Victoria Baca

On Saturday October 4th, 2014, Moreno Valley Mayor Jesse Molina held an event titled “Pancake Breakfast With the Mayor,” however this was not an event for the sole purpose of inviting the citizens of Moreno Valley to meet with their Mayor over a pancake breakfast at all, it was actually a fund raiser for his […] (Gordon Tucker) Response to Moreno Valley District 2 City Council Candidate Debra Craig and Her Calls of Lair Lair.

Recall Moreno Valley’s City Council. (copied and pasted from RCMVCC Facebook page) “NOW HERE IS THE TRUTH ABOUT THE NASON STREET PROJECT FROM THE CITY’S WEBSITE!” “I do not have a problem admitting when I am wrong. Thanks to a Facebook poster who told me to check out information on the city’s website, I realize […]

Moreno Valley Mayor, Jesse Molina Pulls Public Safety Grant Money Off of Next City Council Agenda, Says Wait Until After the November Election!

Moreno Valley Mayor acting on his own, singlehandedly requested the City Manager Michelle Dawson to remove from the next regularly scheduled meeting agenda for the Moreno Valley City Council, the authorization for the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department to complete a grant application and acceptance if granted, California Office of Traffic Safety (OTS) Selective Traffic Enforcement […]