Moreno Valley’s Self Appointed God of the City, Pete Bleckert and His Flip Flop on Traffic Conditions

Why did Pete make such a complete turnaround, well he didn’t, back before the city council on the Ridge Property Trust’s, Westridge project, he was sent on a mission for Iddo Benzeevi to oppose that project, as Iddo didn’t want it approved. You see Iddo, didn’t want any other developers to benefit from the infrastructure […]

Councilman Jeffery Giba’s Sidekick and Markham Collegiate Sports Academy Board Member of Which Giba Once sat, That is Until Recalled Ex-Councilwoman Victoria Baca, Needed a New Job.

To think, this man is seeking to start a charter school here in Moreno Valley, yet he hasn’t a clue of anything about this city or its history, all he knows is he is being assisted by Highland Fairview’s Iddo Benzeevi, the same person who, unknowing to Councilman Giba, spent hundreds of thousands of dollars […]

A Look at Moreno Valley Economic Development Action Plan and How it Uses Taxpayer Dollars to Support Developers.

In 2011 under the direction of ex-City Manager, Henry Garcia, the City of Moreno Valley took a “bold step,” in redirecting Capital Improvement Dollars (Your Tax Dollars) to support Developers, mainly however, Highland Fairview. Highland Fairview isn’t lying when it claims its desired World Logistics Specific Plan could create hundreds of millions of dollars in […]

So We Got Clean Diesel (well cleaner diesel), But What Does It Really Mean (nothing really, at least for Riverside County and Moreno Valley).

Clean diesel fuel, containing 97 percent less sulfur, is now the standard for both on-highway and off-highway diesel engines nationwide. Using this ultra-low sulfur diesel (ULSD) immediately cuts soot emissions from diesel vehicles and equipment by 10%, leaving the remainder of pollutants emitted from the use of diesel fuel at 90%. (Source, United States Environmental […]

Some Facts About Grand Jury Target Letters and Discontinuation Letters and Highland Fairview’s Iddo Benzeevi’s Claims of “Never Being a Target” within the Moreno Valley Political Corruption Investigation.

Some federal investigations take years to complete. They begin with suspicious activity or crimes that are reported,   then federal law enforcement agencies get involved, and they typically culminate in a grand jury investigation. It is quite common in white-collar criminal investigations for citizens to be investigated for months or years and not even know it. […]

The Two Known Draft Development Agreements for use Between the City of Moreno Valley and Highland Fairview Operating Company, Regarding the World Logistics Center Specific Plan.

Draft Development Agreement for the World Logistics Center Specific Plan, submitted by Highland Fairview during the Economic Development Subcommittee meeting of March 6, 2014. CLICK ABOVE IMAGES TO ENLARGE For a downloadable version in PDF format, CLICK HERE Draft Development Agreement for the World Logistics Center Specific Plan, produced in 2012 and submitted on January […]